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Transcript of "Judith at Creative Growth Center"
(Excerpt from Outsider: the Life and Art of Judith Scott)

Stan Peterson:

"Working in the wood shop every day gives me a close view of Judy Scott. I see her whenever I sit at my workbench and supervise my class. And I have a lot of scrap materials over there which she comes over to use. She doesn't pick them as much for their shape or individual characteristics but more for their bulk I think. So she'll come gather an armload, like kindling, and take it over to her work area. She's pretty smart at finding things and nothing gets in the way of her process. She's pretty resourceful. People are always donating odd objects to Creative Growth so new pieces can develop from whatever is around. She doesn't pay that much attention to the materials as fas as how they look with one another it isn't like how the black looks against the red. It's more building sculptural kinds of concepts rather than painterly color ideas."

"But if we feel this piece she's working on, right here this is the side of a box. Right there's the box form. If we rotate it around, let's see what else we can feel in here. Over here there's a piece of wood, we thought it would be interesting to get an x-ray machine like at the airport and see everything that was inside of this. More wood. Here's a cone right here, see? The cone sticking out...."

Ilana Umansky:

"I love to just sit and look at it because I just think she's incredibly talented and her work is amazing. I think that just the quality fo her work in itself is enough to touch people. Then of course there's the side of a person with pretty serious disabilities just blasting across the world, just really taking off in terms of her creative and productive ability. And certainly that's the idea of the not judging a book by its cover. But just the amazing potential of each human being out there has and trying to support people's ability to live up to their potential. It's a huge huge lesson."


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