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What Is Snooker and How to Bet on It?


Snooker is a variation of billiards. Have you never played it before? Then, get acquainted with the rules of the game and terms that will come in handy when betting on snooker. So, keep on reading to learn what the main thing about the game is for you to be able to bet at https://thebossbet.com/snooker/ successfully.

Snooker Rules

In snooker, there are 21 balls. Athletes alternately hammer red and colored shells into pockets using a white ball - a cue ball. While the red balls are on the table, the colored ones from the pockets return to their places. The winner is the one who gets the most points. For a red ball, 1 point is given, for a yellow ball - 2, and so on. The maximum number of points a black ball brings is 7.

The goal of the game is to send as many balls as possible into the pockets and get as many points as possible. This is an intellectual sport in which experienced athletes calculate moves several steps forward.

Basic Terms and Their Meaning

  • Break - a continuous series of punches of one athlete.
  • Kicks - a bad blow with a cue.
  • Wagering - a hit not with the goal of scoring a ball, but to take the cue ball to an uncomfortable position for the opponent.
  • Century - a break of at least 100 points (a continuous series of 100+ points).
  • Frame - a party in snooker.
  • Frame-ball - a situation when a player scores more points than they are left on the game table. That is, even if his opponent scores all the available balls, he will not have enough points in order to win.
  • Match-ball is a frame-ball, due to which victory is won in the entire match.

Types of Snooker Bets

  • The outcome is the victory of one of the athletes. A draw is not possible, but there are exceptions in some competitions. Before bidding, be sure to read the rules of the tournament. Correct frame count. Quotes reach 15.0-25.0, but to predict this market is problematic.
  • Total - the number of frames. The number of games in each tournament may vary markedly.
  • Additional bets - the winner of the tournament, the total of individual periods, the number of centimeters, the individual total of frames, the presence of a maximum series (up to 147 points), odd/even frames and others.

Snooker Features

Snooker competitions are often organized, so tournaments have a tight calendar. Athletes can hold 3-4 confrontations per day. By the final fights of the day, they accumulate fatigue, which will certainly affect the result.

Many legends of this sport appear today, but consider their current form, and not past achievements and achievements. Snooker is a game of "exits." This means that just getting into the pocket is not enough. It is required after the approach to leave the cue ball so that the opponent could not score the next ball.

The main differences between snooker and other types of billiards are the larger dimensions of the table and the complicated rules. Also, the unique geometry of pockets requires the use of completely different tactics and techniques. Do not bet on snooker until you learn the rules and features of the game.


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